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Paint Correction
Common causes of sustaining swirl marks, holograms, marring and fine scratches are mainly down to how you look after your car. Simply washing your car can cause swirl marks especially on dark coloured paintwork.
The highly skilled task of using a selection of machine polishers to flatten and level the paint is the single most important step.Paint Correction will remove blemishes such as Oxidation, Swirl Marks, Buffer Trails, Marring, Holograms and removable scratches.
The use of a high powered sunlight lamp reveals the blemishes which may otherwise be hidden in artificial or poor light. At least 90% of all blemishes will be removed.
The alternative to Paint Correction would be a costly re-spray. This is not only very expensive and time consuming but may also de-value your car.
Pleasre note the process to get this level of correction is long and time comsuming.
From  3+ days may be taken,please allow this when booking your car for paint correction.
 prices are as follows :

             Paint Enhancement   from           £220.00  25% deposit

               Full paint correction     from        £550.00  25% deposit
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